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Where we are.

Westray is one of the Orkney Isles which are located off the North East tip of Scotland.

The North Atlantic and the North Sea meet around the island and the weather station is just half a mile (1 km) from both!

Our climate is mild and damp as the Gulf Stream runs past us keeping temperatures moderate even in Winter.












Westray Weather features forecast charts for the Orkney area including Shetland and Northern Scotland.

These charts are produced by ourselves using the WRF numerical weather prediction system. This is a state of the art forecasting tool used by the US National Weather Service (their equivalent to the British Met Office) and many other agencies worldwide. The data used in our forecasts are especially extracted to be relevant to this area and hopefully makes these some of the more accurate charts available for Orkney.

However. Please be aware that the charts are not reviewed in any way by a meteorologist and must be viewed as such.

The new forecast charts are online from about 17:00 GMT daily.

At present the forecast is run once a day for the following two days. A new server is being commissioned that should allow us to run seven day forecasts three or four times daily.